Is it safe (and easy) for our personell to use?

Yes, we are following the EU Machine directive and are using state of art touchless personal protection system.


  • Does Radioshuttle® really work in our industry?

    We have references in all major industries and probably in your industry as well as we have delivered systems for almost 30 years.

  • Where do you produce the pallet shuttle and racking?

    We have our factory in Sweden. As the inventors of this system and have over 30 years of experience.

Radioshuttle® – the solution

  • What kind of articles is the pallet shuttle suitable for?

    Radioshuttle® is a high density storage system that works with, and have experience in, all kinds of articles.

  • Why invest in Radioshuttle® instead of in other solution?

    You will store more pallets safer and faster, with less equipment and get better ROI. We are the inventor of this solution with almost 30 years of experience from almost 1500 installations all over the world. You can trust the original!”

  • How do I know that this system is good for my operation?

    We will assist in doing an investigation of your available space and pallet variation to validate the numbers. It’s easy for us to show you how much space and money you save by investing in Radioshuttle®.

  • How much space do I save when using the pallet shuttle solution Radioshuttle™?

    You can store up to 100% more pallets on the same space compared to normal pallet racking. Contact us and we will show you how much money and space you save by investing in Radioshuttle®.

    Use our calculator on the start page to actually see how much space you can save.

  • How does Radioshuttle® enhance my productivity?

    As a rule of thumb: 50% higher capacity on each forklift. Let your staff focus on other tasks while Radioshuttle® is doing the job!

  • How does the Radioshuttle® help me to minimize costs?

    Saving space and reduce the number of forklifts in your warehouse will definately help you to reduce costs. What if you don’t have to expand your warehouse, or rent external storage to get more space? And have your staff focus on other task while Radioshuttle® is doing the job.


    Contact us and we’ll tell you more!

  • What kind of pallet types is the pallet shuttle suitable for?

    As long as you have a uniformed carrier we can probably work with this. In our database we have more than 150 different approved pallet configurations.

  • What is the lifetime on the system?

    We have installation delivered earlier than 1990 still in operation.

  • How automated is the system?

    Depending on end of aisle equipment. We can work all the way from a manual forklift up to a fully automated AS/RS system. The shuttle unit speak direct to WMS.

  • What is the ROI?

    Typically between 1-2 years depending of operational conditions. Let´s get in touch and we will help you to learn the one for your specific application.

  • Can the system communicate to a WMS?

    Yes, we have a standardised interface to all major WMS.

  • How does the system help me to reduce damage on both products and personell?

    By reducing number of interfaces between racking and forklifts we aid the driver in the operation. There are loads of tips and hints hiden in original Radioshuttle® solution. Contact us and we will help you to find more for your specific application.

  • How much does Radioshuttle® cost?

    Depending on pallet size and weight and system specifications it varies, though a typical ROI are between 1-2 years compared to other storage systems.

  • Do you have used equipment?

    Yes, let’s together to discuss what we can do for you.

  • Can I rent a shuttle?

    Of course, you don’t have to own it to use all its advantages. Lets’ discuss your needs to bring you the best alternative.

  • Can I sell the shuttle back?

    Sure, we support complete lifetime cycle. Let us get in touch and we’ll help you to find the best alternative.

  • What is the delivery time?

    Typically between 10-15 weeks.

  • How do I get in contact with a dealer near me?

    Call, or email us,  and we will make sure a nearby dealer will contact you.


    Tel: +1-888-490-6777


  • I have a cold storage -does Radioshuttle® work in different temperature zones?

    Yes, this is our origin. As coldstores has high operational cost the importance to use space is much higher. Radioshuttle® works in temperature zones from -22 to +104 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • Can I buy only the pallet shuttle?

    We provide full system,  not just components  -as we always take a full system responsibility.

  • Can I update the shuttle to automated version later?

    Sure, no need to buy new shuttles. Small upgrade, plug&play is required and you can use the system in automated mode.

  • What is the lifting capacity of a shuttle?

    Our shuttle have a lifting capacity of 3,900 lbs/1800kg.

  • How does the pallet shuttle actually work? 

    Depending on the configuration but for a normal system the forklift driver carries the Radioshuttle® as a pallet to a deplane tunnel and through a Radio remote instracts the shuttle to operate.

    Click here to learn what Radioshuttle® can do for you.

  • Do I need one shuttle for each channel?

    No, the shuttle is moved around by the forklift to different tunnels.

  • Can the shuttle handle lighter pallets?

    Sure, let’s get together to discuss your specific needs and application and provide you with the best solution.

  • Can the shuttle handle black or white pallets?

    Yes, of course. Colour, shape and type of material used for carriers is important detail in specifying the best solution. We have long experience in pallets and carriers we have already tested and approved for Radioshuttle® use. Most probably the ones you handle now have been tested and approved already. Let’s get together to learn your specific requirement and find the best solution for you.

  • Why do I need a safety protection?

    According to the new upgrade of an EN norm from late 2009 all shuttle-like systems have to be equipped with pedestrian protection from both sides to get valid CE certification. This is very important detail for you to be capable to use the system at its full performance. It is not only pedestrian protection which is required to get valid CE certificate. In other words – without pedestrain protection your ROI will be much longer.

    Making long story short: If you want to use your shuttle solution fully your shuttle must have it. Or your solution must be equipped with another safety protection solution. … if not, your installation does not comply with the latest norms and you could be in troubles with local safety and insurance authorities.

    Let’s get together to discuss your specific application and provide you with the best solution.

  • Do you have Fire Brake solution?

    Yes, let’s get together to learn about your specific application and discuss the best alternative for you.

  • How long do the batteries last on a single charge?

    They last for 8-14 hours depending on battery technology.

  • What kind of batteries does the shuttle have, and how do I charge it?

    Either lead acid batteries (maintenance free) or LiFe batteries depending on configuration.

  • Does a Radioshuttle® use the hydraulics to move and/or lift?

    Radioshuttle® is 100% electro-motive, which means absolutely no hydraulic system to repair or maintain.

  • Do you offer service of your shuttles?

    Yes, we have worldwide coverage for service.

  • Do you offer spare parts when needed?

    Yes, we have spare parts stocked all over the world.

  • How many shuttles do I need?

    Depends on your pallet throughput, generally one shuttle for each 2000 pallets stored.


  • Why can't I buy only the pallet shuttle, and use another racking (structure)?

    We provide a full system, not just components  – as we always take a full system responsibility.

  • Who makes the racking structure that supports the pallet shuttle?

    We do! We are the only shuttle provider who makes our own pallet shuttle and structure (racking)in the same facility – guaranteeing 100% control. And all is manufactured in our own factory in Sweden.

  • Can I use the system for both FIFO/FILO, and other applications?

    Yes you can, basically only your imagination is the limit.

    Learn more here.

  • Can I change layout FIFO/FILO?

    Sure, there are several ways how to do it. Our system is very flexible. You can even do it by channel if you wish to do so. Contact us and we’ll discuss what will work best for you and your operation.

    Learn more here.

  • What is the quality of the racking? 

    We have over 30 years of experience in racking solutions and are known to be among the best in the industry. Our engineers work hard to evaluate how much weight our solution need to take and under which circumstances.

  • How can I protect the racking and pallet shuttle from damage?

    Depending of what forklift you are using we have different kind of protectors and aid for the driver.

    Contact us to learn your specific application and find the best solution for you.

  • How will the structure affect the floorslab?

    We will assist with a pointload calculation for each project making sure that we are in the limits of the floorslab.

  • What kind of surface treatment does the racking have?

    Depending on what parts and requirement but all galvanised part are pregalvanised in a good quality and painted parts are powderpainted.

  • How does it work with the mounting of the system?

    We have professional team covering the whole world ready to assist.

  • Why is splicing good for me?

    This is one of our smart ways how to make your aftersales service a lot faster and cheaper. Let’s get together to discuss the best solution for your application.

  • Will you assist with spare parts when needed?

    Yes, we have spare parts in stock.