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With a new, and improved webpage, we hope to help you in your journey to find the best solution possible, whether it’s about a need for more space, free up more time for personnel or just general curiosity about us and our system. Take a look at the movie that helps you understand what Radioshuttle® …

“Radioshuttle® is helping us free up loads of space, which is amazing and makes our everyday lives so much easier.”

Oatly needed help to free up more space in their warehouse, space that they absolutely needed. That's when they chose Radioshuttle™. The fact that Radioshuttle™ had documented experience working in different temperature ranges was both a requirement and a massive plus for Oatly, as well as one of the reasons why Radioshuttle™ in particular was the choice.

Radioshuttle® drew attention at LogiMat

Our Radioshuttle® brand is growing worldwide and has started to become an oft-heard name in the logistics industry. From 19-21 February 2019, EAB presented Radioshuttle® at the LogiMat logistics expo in Stuttgart, Germany. The booth had a great location just inside the entrance to one of the smaller event halls. Radioshuttle® ran back and forth …