Meet our sponsored racer!

Rob Neely has been racing for 40 years! His racing career started when he was 9
years old. Rob started racing go karts, as a compromise with his mother who was
against him getting a dirt bike. It was only natural for Rob to get into racing, as his
father, Bud, had raced cars himself. When Rob was only 11 years old, he was
already winning racing championships. From 13 to 15 years old, Rob competed in
the World Karting Association (WKA). This high-level competition had kids from
all over racing against each other. It was at this stage where he was racing against
kids like NASCAR legend, Tony Stewart. He completed the WKA second
in points. Rob went on to win rookie of the year.

His racing then evolved into stock cars, racing in a tough series previously known
as CASCAR. He joined when he was 18, putting together a team of his own to run
in the series. Throughout his time in CASCAR, he won races at the Canadian
National Exhibition (CNE), Calgary, Edmonton, Molson Indy, Regina, Moncton,
and many other tracks in between. His performance throughout CASCAR earned
him the title “iron man of the series”! His team raced Wednesday nights in Ottawa
and Thursday nights at the CNE. On the weekend, you could find Rob and his
team wherever the CASCAR super series would take them. After CASCAR, his
racing elevated to the Can Am Midgets level. Rob was quite successful at the Can
Am level, winning two championships and 20 races. After earning a notable
record throughout Can Am, Rob found himself in the world of Sprint Car Racing.
In the winter time, his team raced indoors with the midgets at Atlantic City. These
races were not for the faint of heart – 125 cars competed to qualify for a limited 24
spots. This is where Rob won three top fives.

A sleek new design to race into 2021!

Today, you can find Rob racing his Radioshuttle sprint car on the track – with
which he has secured a couple of heat wins and top fives. Rob has always had a
passion for the game. What he loves most about racing is the thrill, the speed, the
friendships and camaraderie, and of course the wins! Racing requires hard work,
dedication, and sponsorship money. When you win a race on the weekend all the
hard work spent throughout the week working on the car pays off. Rob’s next goal
is to win a sprint car championship. We can’t wait to see Rob speed first across the
finish line repping his Radioshuttle sprint car.